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Food Combining on the Raw Food Diet

Why Concern Yourself with Food Combining?

The principles of food combining are based upon the premise that different foods require different times and stomach conditions for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Also, they require different types of enzymes and acid secretions. Mixing too many of the wrong types of foods (even raw foods) together at one meal therefore results in fermentation, putrefaction and gas.

Proper food combining should ultimately result in more efficient digestion, which not only enhances our body's ability to absorb nutrients properly, but also prevents a host of discomforts arising from slowed intestinal transit time and impaired cellular cleansing.

Food Combining on the Raw Food Diet

Food combining rules are more relaxed on the raw food diet. But still there are a few things to consider. Avoid eating fruits and vegetables together, with the exception being apples, which you can include in all juices. Also, since greens combine perfectly with almost all raw foods, the combination of fruit and greens in your Green Smoothie or Pudding is ideal!

On the raw food diet you will tend to overeat at first. But because the food is so easily digestible this will not create much discomfort. The body completely assimilates everything you eat and, consequently, less food is needed to get the same amount of nutrients. In time you will get to the point where two meals per day will be sufficient, because raw foods becomes more satisfying and sustaining.

It is easier to adapt to this way of eating if you use recipes. I never liked to cook before I embraced this lifestyle. Now, I love to prepare raw food dishes; however, I still prefer to make them as quickly as possible. Also, the fewer ingredients I use in the recipe, the better it is for digestion.

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Basic Food Combining Rules

We should combine foods optimally. Here are some basic rules:

Always eat melon alone. 
Do not use oils with nuts, seeds or avocados 
Eat light raw foods before heavy foods, and most important, 
Do not wash down solid foods with liquids.

Don't Stress About It

As long as we 'prepare' a dish and do not eat the fruits or vegetables by themselves, we will always violate some of the combination rules. As you merge into this lifestyle, trying to stay 100% raw will be enough of a challenge, so do not be concerned if you cannot follow all of the food combination rules presented in my, or other authors', raw food books. Follow only those rules that work for you until you are a pro in this lifestyle.

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Keep in mind that as long as you are eating progressively better, you are doing great. Eventually, as you move toward the Quantum Eating plan, in all its simplicity, food combining concerns will gradually become a non issue.

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