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Beauty Foods

“Beauty foods?” What are those? 

I’ve been eating 100% raw since 1997. The first few years, I changed my food choices often, trying to find what worked best for me. Whatever I ate, it had to be easy on the old digestive system. It had to give me condensed nutrients to keep my skin, hair, and nails in top condition, and it had to be easy to make.Once I found a meal that met all my standards, a meal that was delicious and kept me satisfied, I’d stick with it day after day.

The banana-hemp hearts shake proved a marvel. I’ve been drinking a 16-ounce glass every day since 2006. I never get tired of it and always look forward to making it.I commend this drink to you because I’ve tested its effectiveness on myself for years.Hemp hearts are truly a beauty food. They give the most complete protein, essential for beautiful skin, full hair and long nails.