Christmas Mousse Cups

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Introducing the Christmas Mousse – a festive dessert perfect for your holiday table! Picture Santa's elves meets candy canes in a delightful layered treat. Simply whip up two mousses, one berrylicious (go wild with your favorite berries for a pink layer) and the other a cool green blend of pistachio and mint (or try cashews with mint for a twist).

Top it off with pineapple stars using a cookie cutter, toss in some extra berries, and garnish with classic mint leaves for a merry decoration. For the ultimate chill vibes, make these little delights about twelve hours ahead, adding the finishing touches just before serving.

Recipe Author: Beautiful on Raw

Preparation Time: 20 min

Serves: 4

•    1 cup of soaked cashews 
•    ¼ cup of coconut meat
•    ¼ cup of water
•    ¼ cup of raw honey (to taste)
•    ½ cup of strawberries
•    ½ cup of soaked pistachios
•    4 mint leaves
•    2 pineapple slices
Star cookie cutters

Soak cashews overnight. The next day, blend soaked cashews, coconut meat, water, and raw honey until smooth. Set aside half of the mixture.

Add strawberries to the blender and process, creating the strawberry mousse. Transfer to a pastry bag.

Wash the blender. Blend the remaining cashew cream with pistachios and mint. Place the green mousse in a second piping bag.

In small cups, layer strawberry mousse and mint-pistachio mousse alternately until used up.

Use a cookie cutter to make pineapple stars and place them on the cups. Add mint sprigs for garnish.

Chill and enjoy!

Ingredients: cashew, coconut meat, raw honey, strawberry, pistachio, mint leaves, pineapple

Recipe Type: Dessert