Raw food recipes with coconut water

This recipe is my latest fave. If you like yogurt, you’ll love it! This is healthy as it gets and, yes, it does taste exactly like the real thing! It’s easy to do, too. You can make this creamy and delicious Raw Coconut Yogurt at home without any special equipment. Just 3 simple ingredients! 

This delightful trifle brings your favorite fall flavors together! Try to make this amazing 3-layer dessert. It's easy.

Raspberries are a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. The whip makes a tasty holiday alternative (or addition) to your daily smoothie. Add more coconut “meat” if you want the whip to be even thicker.

If you ever miss clam chowder, then this soup is for you. It can be served cold or even warmed up in a blender or on a stove top to about 100F.