Raw food recipes with green cabbage

Simple ingredients in simple combination make for rich vegetable flavors and robust enjoyment. Easy and quick! 

This light appetizer can be easily upgraded to a heartier meal, if you use nut or seed pate as a filling instead of cabbage.

Thanks goes out to Julia Kaplan for submitting the recipe for her favorite salad!

This rejuvenating and invigorating juice I drink at the start of most days. It's very simple, quick to make and I never get tied of it.

Radish leaves make an excellent addition to a salad.

My husband, Nick, has been making this salad for us on a daily basis for many years, and I still love it! I came up with the dressing just last month, and I think it really makes a great combination. The trick to this salad is to mince all the ingredients as finely as possible. This mixes the flavors in the best way.